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5 Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding More Special In Melbourne
By Administrator | Posted May 22 2013

5 Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding More Special In Melbourne

Is your wedding just round the corner and you are looking for ways to make it simply unforgettable? Well, if yes, you are on the right page then.

Here are 5 interesting ideas that can bring unique charm to your wedding function and make it a lasting memory for you, and of course who will attent it.

  • Decide A Theme

The theme trend is upstream these days! You can define a theme or concept. For example, you can ask someone of your friends and family to stand near the entrance and give hard lemonade in a Mason jar to everyone arrived for the wedding function. And say if yours is a travel theme, you may use leather luggage tags to get hold of place cards.

  • Fix Photos Of A Guest Against Its Table

Once you finally know whom you are going to invite, you may collect photos of all guests coming to your function. Then you can frame their photos and place it against their table assignment at the venue. However, this idea is feasible to small-size wedding ceremonies only. If you want to walk an extra mile, you can also write something about the guests below or within the frames.

  • Ask Guest To Write About Their Most Special Moment With You

This idea is more for informal weddings. Put a glass bowl with cards and pens inside it and place a note against it requesting the honorable guests to penned their favorite memory with you or your spouse. Or there is another idea - place white butcher paper and glitter pens or markers on cocktail tables and ask guests to write their message for you.

  • Let the Music Spread In the Air

Send invitees to your musically blessed friends and ask them to bring their instruments to your wedding function and rock the stage. If there is someone good at singing amongst the guests, request him for a song. But remember, it's a marriage function, not a concert. So, don't make more than one request! To make more interesting, you yourself with your spouse can walk down the aisle to a song, which is close to your heart or one you dedicated to your partner while dating

  • Add A Splash Of Luxury

Your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair the most special day of your life. Hiring a limo on this special occasion will make it more special and royal. Moreover, limousine is a symbol of ultimate luxury and style. So, if you dream for a celebrity style wedding event, book limousine (also called 'Limo') rental with chauffeur service. Book it at least before two month of your wedding day. With the help of internet, one can easily find and book luxury limo services online by simply making a few clicks.

The sporting and culture capital of Australia, Melbourne has a number of authentic limo hire service providers. No matter if you want to book a limo rental with or without chauffeur Service in Melbourne, it will inevitably add a new charm to your wedding event.

At the time of booking, you may also make clear what purpose you are hiring it for so a limo rental supplier can also provide you with additional wedding-special services like flower decoration.